Do you have a vision as to where you want to take your company?

Do you have a vision as to where you want to take your company?

Whether you want to get somewhere in business or in life, you need to know where you are going — and how you are going to get there. To achieve this, you need a strategy and a plan. Unfortunately, though, far too many businesses operate without either.

Developing a strategy is a focused and deliberate search for a plan of action that will help your organization determine its competitive advantages and leverage them. It begins with an assessment of where you are now and it creates a roadmap and a vision for your future.

When I work with an organization, I like to begin this process at the “macro” level by taking the business back to its very “essence.” Why does the organization exist? What is its “core passion?” Does the business have a deeper purpose and meaning? And why is that purpose important?

A company’s core competencies are the things the business does extremely well that serve to truly differentiate it. Its core values are its DNA (the moral, social and behavioral norms that drive both the company’s culture and decision-making). And its vision is a statement about where the company aspires to be in the future.

While talking about core values and vision may seem to be a bit esoteric, especially for small and midsize organizations, my experience has consistently proven that taking the time to articulate and then clearly communicate these things to the organization goes a long way in laying a rock-solid foundation for everyone to focus upon. It also helps to frame the culture of the organization.

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