Four Decisions Approach (Find Out More)

In order to become and remain a growth company, you must keep a balance between the following four critical areas: People, Strategy, Execution and Cash. If any one of these areas becomes stronger or weaker than the others, the company will suffer.


In Good To Great, Jim Collins concluded that organizations must first get the right people on the team before progress can start. With the right people, organizations can accomplish amazing things. Would you enthusiastically rehire all of the members of your team? Our processes will help you to attract, hire, and retain the best talent for your organization.


A company with the right strategy wins the deals it wants to win, and says no to the wrong opportunities. With the right strategy, revenues and gross profits are growing, and the sales team is smiling. The strategy needs to be focused on the needs of your target customer, and it needs to be simple enough for everyone in the organization to understand. Can you state your strategy in a single sentence? Our process will help you to devise a simple and effective strategy for your core market.


Execution focuses on the performance of all parts of the organization in its quest to meet the objectives of the plan. Companies that execute plans well have tracking tools designed to monitor progress, good communication systems in place, and know how to adjust to changing circumstances quickly to avoid fire fighting and last minute rushing. Companies that execute well run profitably, and the Executive team isn’t running around all day with their hair on fire. How many consecutive quarters have you achieved your profit targets? Our processes will help to improve your profitability and reduce your organizational stress.


Cash is the oxygen that keeps the business alive. If you are short of cash, nothing else matters except to improve liquidity and to get out of the cash flow crunch. Is your organization able to free up cash without the use of outside financing? Our processes will help your organization monitor and improve your cash reserves without having to talk to your banker.
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