How It Works

What We Do

Business Improvement’s services are fundamentally about fostering ORGANIZATIONAL IMPROVEMENT. Improvement that leads to “next-level” growth and better outcomes. Improvement that harnesses and utilizes the true potential of an organization.

How We Work

Doug and his team work individually (Coaching) and organizationally (Business Advisor) to change people, and their behaviors and thinking. Using his vast business experience and the many proven tenets of the Gazelles Organization, Doug’s relationship with his clients consistently results in measureable improvements in company cultures, communication, revenue growth, profitability, owner compensation, and employee satisfaction.

Combining deep experience in strategy, governance and organizational design, Doug helps clients develop and improve the processes, organizational vitality, metrics and tools they use to operate their businesses.

Our Approach

Doug uses a collaborative approach, leveraging his unique skills and the inherent talents within the organization to bring out the very best in an enterprise

Ways In Which We Can Assist Your Organization:

  • One-on-one And Executive Team Coaching
  • CEO And Executive Roundtables
  • Long-term Strategic Planning / Visioning Sessions
  • Annual And Quarterly Planning Workshops And Retreats
  • On-going Performance Monitoring
  • Cash Flow Improvement
  • Change Management
  • Financial Performance Analysis
  • Process Improvement
  • Executive Team Communication And Alignment

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