Is your business where you’d like it to be?

Is your business where you’d like it to be? Establishing the foundation for sustained profitability & growth

As a business advisor, I meet so many business owners who tell me they are frustrated because they just can’t seem to get their business where they’d like it to be.

Some of the executives I speak with quickly place the blame squarely on the economic recession we are all living through. “I just can’t seem to find enough new business,” I hear. “Nobody out there seems to want to spend money or buy!?!!?”

Others business owners tell me that they have found new clients and that their organizations have grown over the past few years, but that their profits haven’t kept pace with this growth.

Still others indicate their problem is a lack of resources. They know what they want to accomplish but they don’t have the time or money to execute on their plan.

While all of these are valid reasons that can certainly impede achieving meaningful and sustained results, my own personal assessment as to why so many organizations are frustrated they can’t get their business where they’d like it to be is that they lack the proper foundation for sustained growth.

Companies that don’t have this solid foundation can get by in “good times,” but in difficult times, like we are now facing, their vulnerabilities become very evident.

These organizations are “susceptible” because they don’t know how to plan well; lack a clear vision; can’t effectively distinguish themselves from competitors; are missing the proper “talent” to execute upon their strategies; suffer from cash flow issues; or lack the critical alignment necessary to truly execute a strategy.

If any of this sounds a bit familiar, the good news is that ALL of these problems are resolvable!

Using this blog as a forum, I am going to be sharing some thoughts and ideas designed to help you optimize your business and maximize your revenues and profits, even in a bad economy. If you will take the time to read the information I’ll impart, you’ll gain some valuable insights that WILL serve to help you lay that “proper foundation” you need to grow and improve your organization. I look forward to sharing ideas and learning together as we explore the question “what are the best practices and guiding principals that make small businesses successful?”

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