Mastering The Rockefeller Habits – Verne Harnish and the Gazelles Organization

Mastering The Rockefeller Habits – Verne Harnish and the Gazelles Organization

Much of the information I share will espouse the many virtues of The Rockefeller Habits originally crafted by John D. Rockefeller as documented in the book Titan, and expanded upon by the founder of the Gazelles organization, Verne Harnish in his best-selling book, “Mastering the Rockefeller Habits.”

“The Habits” I’ll be addressing revolve around setting the right priorities, having sufficient data to ensure your business is running properly, and knowing, with certainty, that your organization has a definable “rhythm” that fosters alignment and drives accountability.

You might also want to take a minute and review this video: A CEO Dilemna. Do you see anything that looks familiar?

Here are a few provocative questions to ponder:

- How is your organization now faring?

- When our long-awaited economic recovery finally comes, will you simply aspire to “rise with the tide”, or will you have crafted a strategy and an execution plan to ensure you’ll never again fall victim to outside influences?

- Do you have the right team in place to take your business where it wants to go? Is everyone in your organization full engaged, and “on the same page?”

Growth and improvement do not happen all at once, but with a sustained and well planned effort, any company can become competitive and profitable in their industry. The question is whether yours will be one of them.

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