Putting Strategy Into An Action Plan

Putting Strategy Into An Action Plan

When you’ve carefully looked at all aspects of your business strategy, your next step will be to determine some tools to make the concepts actionable and some tools of measurement that will help you gauge the progress you are making in achieving your plans.

Given the volatility of the marketplace today, I have my clients rely a lot upon 90-day objectives. We call these their quarterly “rocks,” a term made popular by Steven Covey in his best selling book “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” (“put the big rocks in first”). These “rocks” are the key objectives my clients are firmly committed to achieve. Each is quantifiable, and importantly, each will be “owned” by a member of the executive team, who will fully accountable for its achievement.

With an overall strategy firmly in place and the consistent achievement of these quarterly goals, your organization will have put a process in place designed to foster forward progress toward achieving your overall vision.

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