The Growth BI Challenge

Using the scale provided, please assess your business on a scale of 1 to 5 by answering the
following questions.

1 = Strongly Agree
2 = Moderately Agree
3 = Slightly Agree
4 = Slightly Disagree
5 = Moderately Disagree
6 = Strongly Disagree



1. In the last 3 years, we consistently have met or exceeded our revenue targets.

2. We have one or more clear competitive advantages in our industry that has allowed us to consistently win deals with our target customers.

3. Demand for our products/services in our markets is growing.

4. We have performance guarantees that our competitors are unable to match.

5. We do a great job of keeping pace with the changing needs of our customers and markets.

6. The executive team is aligned with the owners on the direction/vision of the company.

7. Focused concentration on our current strategy alone should allow us to grow by 20% or more each year.

8. Growing twice as fast as the other competitors in our industry is attainable for us.

9. We can generate ample leads to fuel our desired growth.

10. Our sales team is well equipped to close the business we need.



11. We have a track record of hiring great people who stay with the company long-term.

12. People at all levels of the organization give extra effort because they are excited about what we are trying to accomplish.

13. A healthy trust exists between the staff and the leaders/managers of the company.

14. Morale has grown steadily in the last 3 years.

15. Taking all aspects of our company into account, staff turnover over the next 3 years should be fairly low.

16. We have excellent training programs designed to keep our people growing.

17. We should not have trouble finding high quality people to add to our staff as we grow.

18. Our current executive team is well equipped to guide our growth over the next 3 years.



19. We review our plans weekly to make sure we are on target.

20. As a company, we have a strong track record of making internal improvements that have lasting impact.

21. The metrics on our company dashboards have made it easy to see where we are off target compared to plan.

22. We regularly fix internal problems to keep our staffs’ frustrations to a minimum.

23. We avoid emergencies by communicating well across the company.

24. We use a powerful planning process at the company and departmental levels to keep us focused on achieving our most compelling goals.

25. Our internal processes are strong enough to keep us efficient even while we are growing.



26. We have had plenty of cash reserves to allow us to expand as opportunities appear.

27. Our financial track record has allowed us to develop healthy banking relationships.

28. We have processes in place that help us to maximize our cash position.

29. We forecast our cash position accurately to minimize any chances of cash flow crunch situations.

30. We have designed our company intentionally to optimize our profitability and cash flow over the next 3 years.


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