The Science Of Strategy

Strategy is all about setting a goal and determining how you are going to achieve it. In business, there are libraries full of ideas on how to develop strategic plans and legions of consultants eager to take you through weeks of meetings helping you to build your 20+ page strategic plan. Stop the madness! No one has the time or the resources to waste on planning efforts that end up sitting on a shelf until the next time that you decide to do strategic planning.

In order to be effective, your strategy must be alive and commonly understood within your business. The whole organization needs to use the strategic plan to guide quarterly, monthly, weekly and even daily decisions. The plan must be simple enough for everyone to understand, and short enough so that everyone actually takes the time to read it. Business Improvement uses its CAP Process (Clarity-Alignment-Performance) to lead its clients through the strategic planning process to maximize the impact of the planning efforts in a minimum of time.

Good strategy starts with Clarity – what do we want to accomplish and how do we need to do it? The best minds in the organization need to determine the target and the strategy—this cannot be done by consensus. The result of this thinking effort is not a lengthy document, but a concise, well worded series of bullet points designed to communicate where the organization needs to go, and how it will get there.

Next, you need to develop Alignment around the target and the strategy. You need to communicate the plan, gather feedback, make adjustments, and get each part of your company on board. If your people are not aligned, you cannot make consistent improvement.

Finally, your organization needs to Perform, and you need to monitor results, continue to communicate well, and make adjustments as necessary. Our proven methods for performance enhancements will help your organization hit its targets consistently and in the time allotted.

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