How To Clearly Define A Vision For Your Company

How To Clearly Define
A Vision For Your Company

No Matter how experienced a management team becomes, developing a system for clarifying your vision and planning for its accomplishment can be daunting. Using the BI CAP Process (Clarity-Alignment-Performance), our coaches help your team design your vision and build a plan from strategy to execution in just four easy sessions.

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The One-Page Strategic Plan

Many clients express how the solutions we provide are different – things they hadn’t heard of or considered before meeting us. Our dedication to simplifying the planning process results in efficiencies and clarity for your team.

How We Do It

FourDecisions™ Approach

Focus on just these four pillars and your business will fall in line: People, Strategy, Execution and Cash. Let us show you how to create a rhythm to your team’s activity to master these four areas.

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The Rockefeller Habits™

Only 2% of companies ever get bigger than $10 million. With multiple layers and lots of opportunities to grow, it gets increasingly difficult to get your team on the same page. The Rockefeller Habits provide a fool-proof system for managing that growth.

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“After I met with Doug and he explained their One-Page Planning Process, it blew me away. They were the obvious choice to help us grow!”
Eric Keiles, Partner, Square 2 Marketing